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About me

Who am I?

The girl from a small town in southern Poland.

Sensitive, full of dreams and curiosity. Introverted, limited by the society she lived in, and her own young age. With the time, her dreams began to come true and the world she created in her head, which she fled to as the girl when it was not easy, became real. That small, shy girl was lucky enough to become successful adult and the painful experience from the past helped her appreciate what she has got now.

My artistic voyage began when I was only few years old. The whole childhood was filled with drawing, painting, handiwork projects and discovering the world on my own. Self identification and self acceptation as an artist was delayed because of my parents who were not accepting my dreams which I was taking to the bed and which I was waking up with every day. They delayed it, but they were not able to destroy it.


My adventure with painting began in Poland. Thanks to my teacher and the local artists, who were my friends and who provided me accepting, safe, uncritical and informative environment – I was able to perfect my art, which was very naive in that moment, by taking more and more courageous steps. I have never tried to copy anyone’s style, but I was learning from other artists – famous or modest, and unknown, but always great. I learned how they „read the world”, how to transfer the feelings on the paper or to the canvas.

From the beginning I was impatient, I felt that I want to paint like an impressionist, capturing fleeting subjective feelings, quickly, as if I wanted to make up for those 20 years I have already lost. I immediately fell in love with the process of mixing the colours, the texture of the oil paints, spatula and the smell of turpentine. My little car and my art workshop had the same smell. I also fell in love with outdoor painting. Contact with the nature, peace, light, wind, and silence, always was giving me pleasure. Even now, when I am writing that words, I am already missing it…

Within a few years, my works have been exhibited over 20 times in various Polish cultural institutions and at open-air art and international exhibitions.


I moved to Belgium in December 2014. The time of change was not the best for creating. A new place had to find me and I had to find myself in a new place.
I just needed some time.


I underwent a personal transformation. As a result of meditation and work on myself, I learned how to paint with more expression, impatiently finding some new inspiration, without waiting until it will get some realistic shape, form. I enjoyed the act of creation, focused on the colour, feeling, energy.

This change showed me a new path. I do not perceive it as the final step, but just another step in an endless journey of self discovering and expression by art. Each day I’m deepening my own sensitivity and learning how to find happiness in the moment.

© Agata Morawiec 2023